BizTalk Server 2016 Azure VM image now available!

For those of you that missed our announcements here and here, BizTalk Server 2016 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) today! What does this mean? Well, we now go through the process of making the media available across all channels which takes a little time to complete. But we know you can't wait for all that so if you want to get started right now, we've already released the Enterprise Edition gallery image here in Azure. It should also be appearing at within the next 24 hours. Find out more about BizTalk Server 2016 here.

And of course, I have to mention Host Integration Server 2016 also reached RTM with us today as well. Read more on the HIS blog here.

We're incredibly excited to reach this milestone and the possibilities you've already been telling us it enables. Share your stories and projects with us - we'd love to hear them!

-Jon Fancey

Comments (14)

  1. It hasn’t appeared in the new portal but has shown up in the old one

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      Yes, it will come soon on the new portal.
      – Tord

  2. Stephen Cairns says:


    Will there be a BTS2016 Developer image with SQL 2016 Developer and VS 2015 pre-installed.

    Also it would be fantastic to see a option 2 stand-up a HA BizTalk 2016 environment using an ARM template the same way you can do with SPS2013. E.g. 2 x BTS2016 notes, 2 x BTSSQL nodes (SQL 2016 AAG configured) and 1 x File Witness Share for the cluster, 2 x DC’s all in availability sets etc.

    Having this to spin up would greatly reduce the setup time and give people a reference for best practice BizTalk HA Design in Azure.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      That is very good feedback, and something that is on our roadmap (ARM) HA DR environment in Azure!

      1. Simon Pooley says:

        Hi guys, is there any progress on the HA DR environment? Is it still on your roadmap? My company would be very interested in this kind of solution.

        1. BizTalk Team says:

          There is already ARM templates for setting up the SQL AG solution. We done have a complete BizTalk ARM template yet, but we are working on this.

  3. Brandon Osborne says:

    Months later and your Biztalk 2016 Azure image doesn’t install anything but Windows Server 2016. Typical Microsoft “genius” at work again.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      There is a reason for that. We do not want to install the image simply by the fact that customers do not have a single point of installation, some customers want to install BAM some don’t, we have therefore decided not to install the image. You can if you want to create one that is specific for your company, and store in on blob and recreate it as many times as you want. We are also working on providing an ARM solution to spin up a multi-server HA/DR environment in the cloud.

      1. NW says:

        So a BizTalk 2016 VM in Azure is Windows 2016 with a folder in the C drive with the BizTalk installation files? What’s the point?

        1. BizTalk Team says:


          The nature of BizTalk is so diverse that we cannot install BizTalk on these images since customers are setting it up very individual. Not all customers want BAM installed, BRE or all the adapters, hence the installation is very open. You are welcome to make a copy of the image once you have set up everything according to how your company want it. And use that image going forward.

  4. Sainath says:

    Hi Team, I created BTS2016 VM in Azure. But, I don’t see BTS2016 installed. Can you please point me the steps from where I can proceed further?

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      You will find the installation files in the C-drive on the VM.

  5. Sathyan Narasingh says:

    We are running a image of Biztalk2013. if we want to move to 2016 we have to create new VM and migrate. is there a possible to do in-place upgrade.

    1. BizTalk Team says:

      Yes we do support in-placement upgrades going back a maximum of two versions (so 2013 is supported for this).

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