Loan Origination Reference Architecture v.2 is Released

Loan Origination Reference Architecture (OR-LOS) shows architects and developers how to bridge OBA technologies with transactional service oriented systems using technologies such as BizTalk.

OR-LOS includes the following assets:

·         Architecture Guidance: Set of whitepapers that are real world scenarios driven by the lending industry.

·         Application Building Blocks: An installable code base, message schemas, BizTalk accelerator and install guides will jump start your development effort

·         Hands on Lab: Virtual PC image that allows customers to jump right in!

·         Rich Media: WebCasts and PodCasts


For initial mentions and discussions, see the following sites: Microsoft Watch, CNN, FOX Business, InfoWorldSysCon Media,,, Destination .Net, Outlook Power Magazine and The industry Standard.

Mike Walker’s blog provides more details as well.


Marjan Kalantar

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