Explore the capabilities of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 using our interactive capabilities reader

I'm happy to announce that the new BizTalk interactive capabilities reader has been published to the BizTalk Website.

This is a navigation control based on Silverlight technology, which ties up the BizTalk capabilities poster with the capabilities guide. Both published separately here.

It lets you navigate the capabilities poster image and and drill-down to specific bullet by bringing up the BizTalk capabilities guide to provides a brief paragraph on that particular capability. You can use hyperlinks at the end of the paragraph to get more details from the BizTalk documentation on MSDN site. 

Our hope is that this will help in establishing a common taxonomy of BizTalk capabilities accross the community of Developers and IT Pros and will raise BizTalk reviewer's awareness of "what's included the box". Even experienced developers might find it usefull in exploring new territories and learning about those aspects of BizTalk that they might have not been exposed to yet.

So go ahead give it a try and let us know what you think...



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