BizTalks Blogs is Live!

We have just launched this week the BizTalks Blogs site. This is a blog aggregator bringing the most recent blog posts of Microsoft internal & external bloggers about BizTalk and CSD technologies to one place. Check it out on . Regards,  Ofer Ashkenazi.


2 Additional Product Group Blogs To Track

I wanted to highlight two great blogs for everyone to keep track off. •              Those of you who use our forums frequently, you must have come across Mohsin Kalam at some point.  Mohsin constituently ranks as the top and the most helpful forums answerer.  You can follow Mohsin’s blog for helpful articles.   •              For…


Wiki is enabled for BizTalk and RFID documentation

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and BizTalk RFID documentation is released to MSDN library online with Community Content (Wiki) feature enabled.   This feature allows anyone registered with MSDN online using a passport account to contribute to the content of the documentation.  A nice example for a community content post can be found at the bottom…


Visual Studio 2008 First Look

One day instructor led training is now available that introduces the new development features available in Visual Studio 2008.  You can find out more about this course here. Regards, Marjan Kalantar


Connect To Mainframe Apps With BizTalk Adapters and .NET

There is a great new article on MSDN magazine on how to connect to mainframe applications with BizTalk Adapters and .NET. This article discusses: •              Connecting to a host system •              Exposing COBOL apps as endpoints •              .NET Framework integration •              Terminal screen-scraping Almost every major industry that uses mainframe for business critical systems still…


PDC 2008 is Announced

Date and location of the Professional Developers Conference 2008 is announced.  PDC 2008 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center October 27-30, 2008 (pre-conference is on October 26).  For ongoing updates, please see the event site. Regards, Marjan Kalantar