SOA & BPM Conference 2007 MVP Dinner Pictures

A few weeks after the SOA & BPM Conference 2007, I finally had the opportunity to upload a few pictures to our blog.  What a week!  It started with the announcement of “Oslo”, continued with many great discussions at the attendees reception and Ask The Experts and was packed with breakout sessions as well as focus groups and design reviews with our MVPs. 

Many thanks to those who spoke at and attended this conference and helped make it a success.  To close off a very productive week, our product group welcomed MVPs to a special dinner with our GM Oliver Sharp and many other leaders of our team.  Some pictures from this event are attached (click on the pictures to see them in larger format.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon again at future events!

Best Regards,

Marjan Kalantar



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  1. I hope, for those that celebrate Thanksgiving, had a great holiday. For me, it is time for me to realize my blessings again. I only have to look in Heather and Jonathan’s faces to remind me as well as Sue. I am truly blessed with a beautiful and wonderful

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