WCF LOB Adapter SDK is Released


We are delighted to announce the release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK.   This SDK for Windows Communication Foundation provides the tools to quickly develop adapters to business applications.  Adapters built using this SDK can be consumed by any .NET application, including Microsoft’s BizTalk, SQL, and SharePoint Servers, and your own custom .NET applications.



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  1. The BizTalk Server Team Blog has announced the release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK . This

  2. cicorias says:

    Note that under Vista, some issues when running the MSI.

    Ensure to elevate to Administrator (by running a cmd shell and Runas Administrator) then execute the MSI and no issues.  I’ve seen this on 2 distinct machines.

  3. Microsoft intended WCF to be a generalized communication framework – the programming framework that developers

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