Call For Sessions: 2007 Microsoft SOA & Business Process Conference

Microsoft’s SOA & Business Process Conference is the event for our customers and partners to get detailed guidance for planning and delivering solutions for Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management. SOA & Business Process issues reach across the entire organization from developers service enabling existing investments to architects recommending IT standards to business analysts optimizing processes and business owners investing in their IT portfolios. The Microsoft SOA & Business Process Conference will provide guidance across this spectrum through tracks focused on Tools, Solution Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture and Business Value.


We are now accepting session submissions for each of the four conference tracks listed below. Sessions are 1 hour in length and can be delivered in either breakout or chalk-talk styles. To submit a session, please complete the table below and send via email to All speakers will have their conference fee waived and non-Microsoft speakers will receive a $1000 stipend. The call for sessions will close on August 14th and confirmation letters will be sent out by August 31st.

Tools Track
The Tools track will provide details on the broad portfolio of SOA and business process tools and technologies available from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem. You can expect sessions on everything from the new designers coming in Visual Studio “Orcas” to the wide array of offerings from our SOA & Business Process Alliance partners. You will also see how to leverage new tools in BizTalk Server 2006 R2, Office System 2007, System Center, and others.

Solution Architecture Track
The Solution Architecture track will focus on the design and implementation of service oriented and business process solutions. We will provide best practices and proven patterns for handling challenges with many aspects of solution architecture including: data, identity, user experience, messaging, workflow, and rules. We will also focus on key capabilities such as service and process analysis and design, service enablement, service composition, process modeling, service instrumentation, service & process lifecycle management and others.

Infrastructure Architecture Track
The Infrastructure Architecture track will focus on the organizational and technical issues faced when planning and establishing service oriented and business process infrastructures in the enterprise. We will provide guidance and best practices on topics ranging from designing and implementing shared infrastructure for service and process management to overcoming cultural challenges when defining standard governance processes. We will also focus on key infrastructure capabilities such as service virtualization, SLA management, policy enforcement, service and process monitoring, governing service consumption and others.

Business Value Track
The Business Value track will focus on issues ranging from business capability analysis to establishing a SOA roadmap to defining metrics to measure your return on investment. We will provide case studies and guidance to ensure your SOA and business process initiatives demonstrate value quickly and stay focused on business goals. Whether you are a partner practice manager evaluating the business opportunity of SOA and business process or an enterprise decision maker evaluating the potential return on investment of your SOA and BPM initiatives, the Business Value track is for you.


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