WCF LOB Adapter SDK Public ‘RC’ is now available for download!


We are delighted to announce the first public RC release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK. 


Goal of this SDK is to create uniform, reusable and metadata-based service-oriented interfaces to existing systems and applications using WCF.   It allows adapter developers to build WCF-based adapters for integrating .NET applications with existing enterprise systems, databases and messaging platforms.   This SDK includes application programming interfaces, design-time tools, samples and documentation to surface line-of-business adapters as WCF Bindings.   The WCF-based adapters can be consumed like typical WCF services in the user applications.  It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

To learn more and download the adapter SDK and its documentation, please refer to our Microsoft Connect site (you need to register using a valid passport).  

Make sure to visit our forums for additional information and community based support as well.

We’ll be recording a channel 9 interview on the adapter SDK in the upcoming month also!  J


Marjan Kalantar

Comments (2)

  1. Just a quick update for anyone who has been following news around BizTalk Server R2 and the WCF LOB Adapter

  2. Mike McKeown have published an article which summarizes WCF LOB Adapter Usage Patterns for better understanding

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