Channel 9 Video on BizTalk Services

Check out this new video on Channel 9 where James Conard talks with John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos about BizTalk Services. John and Dennis quickly explain BizTalk Services by discussing the challenges with building applications today.  Dennis also shows four demos of BizTalk Services and then drops into Visual Studio along the way to show the programming model.


Comments (2)

  1. Nino says:

    Varie cose interessanti da segnalare: assolutamente da non perdere il video il Channel 9 sui BizTalk

  2. max_chern says:

    Speaking of making things easy to integrate.

    After spending few days on implementing dynamic routing using the Expression shape in the orchestration.

    I am ready to scream. Why did biztalk needed yet one more "Expression Language".

    Why don’t just create a C# editor, which will edit a public method of some partual calss.

    And define all globals biztalk exports like messages, promoted variables etc in the rest of the class, hidden from user. It would make Biztalk integration MUCH more useful for users.

    Why do I need to create a separate assembly, just to make things work. And I am not asking to much, just a simple conversion stuff Int32.ToString()… Cast is supported… actually not really

    (System.String)MyMessage( MySchemas.Schemas.MyInt)

    Surprise, can not convert to System.String…

    Simple types are not boxed and you can’t call methods on them. As well as 60 other limitations, which make the "Expression Language" quite useless…

    Even in SSIS you can write natural code scriptlets directly in the workflow…

    Biztalk main usage to make the system integration easier, faster and mor efficient, and not painfull, try-that-ifthe-other-thing didn’t-work, and full of workarounds.

    By amount of time rquired on creating workarounds. It would be much faster to write a windows service which will do few configured xslt transformations for me and ship file to http://ftp….

    Don’t build castles in the cloud (that is the keyword now), just make existing stuff developer frieldly, so it can be used without losing all hair from the head.

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