TechEd US 2007: SOA and Web Services Track Schedule

With 27 days to go until TechEd US 2007 starts, here is the CSD plan and schedule:


·         The track name has been changed from “Connected Systems” to “SOA and Web Services”. The change has been made to align with Microsoft’s actionable Real World SOA story. We want to emphasize that SOA is an approach rather than a point product however SOA can be pursued quite effectively using the entire range of technologies and products of the Connected Systems Division.  

·         The SOA and Web Services track objective is to bring participants up to speed with the latest developments in service communication, workflow, and business process management technologies and products. The sessions in this track will dive deep into building connected systems with the .NET Framework 3.0 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2. Specifically, our track will include the following topics:

·         Deep coverage of new capabilities in BizTalk Server 2006 R2

·         Building SOA & ESB solutions with the .NET Framework 3.0 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2

·         Best Practices from real world implementations of Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, BizTalk and HIS

·         Introduce Windows CardSpace and Microsoft's Identity & Access strategy


The complete abstract can be found here on the TechEd site.


I’m posting here the entire SOA and Web Services track schedule for your convenience:

(see the topics color legend below)






Monday, June 4


Microsoft's Vision for the Connected Enterprise (Steven Martin; Steve Sloan) - SOA201


Automatic Transactions in Windows Communication Foundation (Florin Lazar) - SOA16-TLC



The .NET StockTrader Application Service-Orientation Case Study: Building High-Performance,  High-Reliability Systems with .NET 3.0 and Windows Communication Foundation (Greg Leake) - SOA





Choosing the Right Technologies for Integration and Workflow (Kris Horrocks; Paul Andrew) - SOA202

Identity Choices: Who Are You and How Do I Know? (Duane Laflotte; Patrick Hynds) - SOA213

The Role of Microsoft BizTalk in a Service-Oriented Infrastructure (Brian Loesgen) - SOA11-TLC


Programming Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: A Developer's Primer (Juval Lowy) - SOA217


Real World SOA. Leveraging the value of your legacy systems with Microsoft BizTalk Server (Chris Kabat) - SOA09-TLC


Building an Enterprise-Wide Instrumentation Solution Using the Microsoft BizTalk BAM Infrastructure (Darren Jefford) -SOA306

Custom Activities with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation: A Developer's Primer (Matt Milner) - SOA223

Windows Communication Foundation: Writing Custom Channels (Nicholas Allen ) - SOA12-TLC

Tuesday, June 5


Building Connected Systems on the Microsoft .NET Framework Using the Windows Communication Foundation Adapter in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 (Matt Milner; Sarathy Sakshi ) - SOA317




Best Practices and Customer Evidence on Enterprise Ready BizTalk Implementations (Ewan Fairweather; Petr Kratochvil) -SOA310

Design, Host, and Deploy Workflows in Multi-Tier Applications (Leonardo Esposito) - SOA324

Deep dive  into the BizTalk Windows Communication Foundation Adapter ( Matt Milner; Sarathy Sakshi) - SOA14-TLC


Extending IBM Mainframe Systems Using Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 (Paul Larsen) - SOA327


Incorporating Microsoft Windows PowerShell to Manage Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation Applications (David Aiken ) - SOA01-TLC


Introduction to Microsoft Windows CardSpace (Thom Robbins) - SOA214

Microsoft BizTalk RFID at Work (Anush Kumar) - SOA305

Best practices for integrating IBM mainframes with BizTalk Adapters for Host Systems (Steve Smaller) - SOA15-TLC


Secure Your ASP.NET Web Applications and Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services with Windows CardSpace (Michele Leroux Bustamante) - SOA316


Hosted Applications with Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation (Ram Poornalingam ) - SOA18-TLC

Wednesday, June 6


Managing and Monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server Solutions with Microsoft Operations Manager (Stephen Kaufman) - SOA307

Unifying Integration: Using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation to Build Adapters to Line-of-Business Applications (Jesus Rodriguez; Sonu Arora; Wayne Citrin) - SOA218



Design, Host, and Deploy Workflows in Multi-Tier Applications (Leonardo Esposito) - repeat session SOA324R


CardSpace for your Website (Thom Robbins) - SOA03-TLC


Enterprise B2B with Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2 (Scott Cairney) - SOA408

Rules Engine Use and Extensibility in Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (Moustafa Ahmed) - SOA322

Connecting .NET to Java Messaging Service using Windows Communication Foundation (Wayne Citrin) - SOA07-TLC


Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation Tips and Tricks from Real World Projects (Jon Flanders) - SOA419


Building Identity-Aware Applications with Windows CardSpace (Michele Leroux Bustamante) - SOA02-TLC


Life in the Fast Lane, Designing High Performance .NET Framework SOA Solutions (Matthew Winkler; Mauro Ottaviani) -SOA426

Connecting to Line-of Business Applications with the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack (Joseph Klug) - SOA203

Enterprise Single Sign-On for Enterprise Application Integration Solutions (Anil Balakrishnan ) - SOA05-TLC

Thursday, June 7


Programming Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: A Developer's Primer (Juval Lowy) - repeat session -SOA217R




How to Extend Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Microsoft Windows CardSpace (Kevin Hammond) - SOA315

Building EDI/AS2 Solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 (Anthony Bernard; Elizabeth Redding) - SOA211

Implementing UI Page Flow with the Windows Workflow Foundation ((Matthew Winkler) - SOA10-TLC


Direct Data Access to IBM DB2 and VSAM Using Microsoft Host Integration Technologies (Paul Larsen; Ricardo Mendes) -SOA325


(Microsoft IT) Leverage Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2 to Solve Your Complete eCommerce Needs (EDI & AS2) (Dennis Byrd ) - SOA04-TLC


Advanced Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2 Concepts (Stephen Thomas) -SOA312


Management and Diagnostics for Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation (Mike Krejcik ) - SOA06-TLC


Architecture of Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation and Common Extensibility Points (Ed Pinto;Kenny Wolf ) - SOA420


Microsoft BizTalk Performance Testing  (Darren Jefford) - SOA13-TLC

Friday, June 8


Monitoring Services Using Business Activity Monitoring and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 (Jon Flanders) - SOA309




Building Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation Enabled Windows Communication Foundation Services in .NET Framework 3.5 (Pravin Indurkar) - SOA321


Identity in the Real World (Ani Babaian ; Scott Golightly) - SOA08-TLC


Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Syndication, AJAX and REST Services in Web 2.0 with .NET Framework 3.5 (Steve Maine) -  SOA320


End-to-End Manageability and Reliability of a Microsoft BizTalk Server System (Al Jimenez ) - SOA17-TLC


Legacy Modernization with Microsoft BizTalk 2006 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 (Paul Larsen; Todd Sussman) - SOA204



Topics color legend:


                        WCF WF

                        CardSpace and ID

                        BizTalk and HIS





See you all in TechEd 2007!


Ofer Ashkenazi

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