Launch of New BizTalk B2B/EDI Blog

We are happy to announce that BizTalk Product team is launching the B2B/EDI Blog to communicate feature/functionality relating to EDI, AS2 and HIPAA in BizTalk Server 20006 R2. 


Readers are welcome to add comments and include suggestions on topics they would like coverage on. We will make an all out effort to keep the Blog topical.


Happy reading!

Marjan Kalantar

Comments (3)

  1. leo770114 says:

    I have following suggestion about AS2 on the Biztalk

     1.AS2 to support Self-sgin,

     2. easy to config the partner and import the partners’


     3. There are should be report from EDI CTRl#>AS2 Doc#

     I think you can refer to the cylcone interchange server

    It is easy to used , I even use WM/ Gentran/Cyclone Server

    But I think that cyclone is best B2Bi gateway production

  2. sanzy says:

    pls let me know how to and where to post a query / how to blog in biztalk section



  3. BizTalk Team says:

    Best place to post a question/query on BizTalk EDI/AS2 is on our forums:

    Other BizTalk forums can be found here:


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