WCF Adapter to ship with R2 – early adopters needed!

As you may or may not have heard, a WCF adapter will be included in BizTalk Server 2006 R2!  It won't actually be a single adapter, but instead there will be multiple adapters with each one exposing one of the bindings that are included in WCF.  Each adapter will also include a custom UI for configuring the most commonly used features of that particular binding.  Do you have a custom binding?  No Worries!  There will also be a "Custom Binding" adapter that essentially opens the floodgates of WCF extensibility.

Here are some of the supported use cases for the WCF adapters:

  • Exposing BizTalk orchestrations as a WCF web service
  • Exposing BizTalk Content Based Routing applications as a WCF web service
  • Consuming a WCF service from BizTalk orchestrations
  • Consuming a WCF service from Content Based Routing applications
  • Transactional message receive
  • Transactional message send
  • Using WS-* headers for routing and message processing
  • Using custom headers for routing and message processing
  • Using custom binding elements
  • Using custom bindings
  • Using BizTalk dynamic send ports
  • Using BizTalk as SOAP intermediary

The WCF adapters will support the following WCF transports:

  • SOAP
  • MTOM
  • TCP
  • MSMQ
  • Named Pipes

If you or your customers are interested in joining the Technical Adoption Program for this adapter, please email btsr2tap@microsoft.com.



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