What’s all the noise about?

I recently watched a couple of episodes of this series on HBO called Entourage. I don’t want to get too descriptive about the show other than to admit it’s mildly amusing. There is one bit character that embodies a point I find interesting. It’s the woman who plays the PR rep for the main character. Every time I’ve seen her she’s crabbing about something. I wonder if it’s a universal PR law that when and where ever it rears its head, all of the fun is immediately sucked out of the room.


Anyway be sure to check back here on Monday for some post-PR approved fun. You won’t be disappointed. :^)



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  1. Jeff Lynch says:

    Tough PR day Mike? Take a deep breath, let it out slowly and relax. You guys have done a great job on BTS2006 and I’m pretty sure the press will get the message (sort of) right!


  2. BizTalk Team says:

    Heh, heh, heh …

    No not really a tough day. It was actually a pretty good day. There was a bit of stress with our internal PR folks. I wanted to announce RTM as soon as we knew it was happening but PR had made some arrangements with the press to hold back on announcement until 6:00 AM today.

    My first reaction was that PR wanted editorial control of the blog. I (over) reacted strongly and negatively to that assumption. As it turns out that isn’t what they were asking for at all. Our PR folks just didn’t want us to trample all over the promises they’d made with the professional trade press.

    The press has always been fair and accurate when I’ve had opportunity to brief them. As excited as I am about what we’re doing I want to share details and opinion as soon as I form them. That isn’t always fair to the reporters and analysts who distill the information for public consumption. They’ve lived up to their promises to the BizTalk product group and reported on our progress responsibly for the most part. So holding back on an occasional announcement in order to allow them to release their breaking news stories per agreed upon deadlines isn’t to much to ask, I guess. :^)

    — mike

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