BizTalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide – Specific Types of Performance Bottlenecks

In this section, various types of Performance Bottlenecks will be discussed. For each type of Bottleneck we will include some information specific to that type of bottleneck. The following subsections will be included for each type of bottleneck.

You Might have a TypeX Bottleneck if…

Performance Counters


Tuning Options

Some sections will have additional subsections

Disk I/O Bottlenecks

CPU Bottlenecks

Memory Bottlenecks

Network I/O Bottlenecks

Database Contention Bottlenecks

MaxConnections Bottlenecks

Thread Starvation Bottlenecks

Large Message Size Bottlenecks

XML Bottlenecks

Pipeline Bottlenecks

Tracking Bottlenecks

ASP.Net Bottlenecks

Errors and Exceptions Causing Bottlenecks

HTTP Bottlenecks

SOAP and Web Services Bottlenecks

MQ Series Bottlenecks

Throttling Bottlenecks

MaxReceiveInterval as Related to Latency and Bottlenecks

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