Okay, peridiodically the marketing team / other teams ask me to post things to make sure the word is getting out about events. My guess is that all of you are reading scott woodgate’s blog (see my links) and if you are not you should, so these will probably be duplicates, but please read them…


Hidden gem in SP1 … cleaning up the msgbox in a test environment

So now that Jean is posting, this blog should get pretty interesting. Jean is the man, behind the man, behind the man. 🙂 On the current BizTalk team he is about employee number 5 or so which makes him a true wealth of knowledge and I have been working with him for 5 1/2 years…


Large messages in BizTalk 2004, what’s the deal?

The large message support story in BizTalk Server 2004 is a complex one, mainly because the definition of large message varies significantly. This, in turn, is complicated by the fact that our customers expect everything to work with all of the possible variations of “large message”. So, how large a message can BizTalk Server 2004…


New poster on the core engine blog

Hi, Lee’s been trying for a while now to get more of us to post our knowledge to the blog, so here I am.  My name is Jean-Emile Elien, and I work on the BizTalk Messaging Runtime along with Lee. I’ve been keeping notes on a couple of topics that I have been seeing a…


SP1 has shipped

Just want to let everyone know that it is out and it is goodness. Woodgate has posted links to it as well as some information on where to download the .Net Framework GDR on which we have a dependency just in case you miss it in our docs. Check out his links for more information….


Debugging Routing Failures

Okay, I disappeared for a while. There is this crazy thing called “work” which my bosses (for those of you who are confused, Scott Woodgate is not my boss 🙂 seem to think I need to do sometimes. Some positive news is that BizTalk 2004 SP1 should be released early next year which is a…


Another Kevin is posting. :)

Kevin Lam has decided to start his own blog. He’s been on the team for a while now and is one of the product team’s frontline guys. He is the guy out there working with the big customers, helping with their designs, getting there stuff into our labs, asking the questions and making sure we…


Msgbox Operations Advanced Queries Download available

Okay, GotDotNet is way too slow getting stuff up. I guess they have to proofread and be careful since it is a public site. So, in the mean time, my friend (not my boss which appears to be the impression some people have. Scott and I got a good laugh) Scott Woodgate has let me…


New download coming

Okay, so I don’t have a link for it, but I have submitted it so hopefully it will show up shortly. I have written a paper entitled Biztalk 2004 Advanced Messagebox Queries which is designed to help you automate a lot of your operational health management work and also perform advanced troubleshooting of your system….


Document Normalization

Okay, I have seen this copied on two different blogs, so it is apparently usefull enough that others might be interested. I posted this originally on a public discussion alias in response to a question on where mappings should be done. “While there are actually some performance related reasons to put your maps in the…