Okay, I have been neglect and am trying to remedy this. I have a couple of papers I am working on which will get posted here very shortly. Hopefully one will be here by end of the week. I am also busy at work on BTS stuff trying to make your life easier (I hope)….


Okay, so where do subscriptions come from?

So where do subscriptions come from or more importantly when do they appear. As we described in our earlier post, there are two types of subscriptions, activation subscriptions and instance (correlation) subscriptions. All activation subscriptions are created by admin tools like BizTalk Explorer or BizTalk Admin MMC. It does not make sense for the engine…


Is there a pub/sub system underneath BizTalk?

    Okay, according to the stats, you guys stopped reading when I posted the convoy topic, but, well, I’ll keep throwing stuff at you and hope you enjoy it.   This is the first installment of the bizTalk pub/sub infrastructure talk. I have met lots of people who are confused about this (some of…



CONVOYS   From the BizTalk Documentation: When a group of correlated messages could potentially be received at the same time, a race condition could occur in which a correlation set in a particular orchestration instance must be initialized by one of the messages before the other messages can be correlated to that orchestration instance. To…


New good blog out

Be sure to check out Kevin Smith’s (kevinsmi) blog which appears to have just come out. He’s an ok chap, although I think he misspelled my last name on purpose (since we shared an office for a year you’d think he’d know how to spell it). Hopefully this weekend I’ll put together another good little…


Completed with discarded messages??? (zombies)

Now that I have gotten my post approved by Scott (Woodgate) (check out his blog, too, for more info. He actually seems to know a thing or two about this product. 🙂 Kidding … he knows a lot, I just like to pull his leg.) here is my first post with real content. This is a…


I’m back. :)

Okay, wow apparently people are out there waiting for some more BTS blogs. So here we go. First, who am I? My name is Lee Graber. In August I will have been working as a developer on BizTalk Server for 5 years. In previous releases I owned (a non-MS friend recently commented on the oddity…



Okay, this is just a test to see if this is actually working. I am trying to create a blog where some of the core engine guys from the bts team can post thoughts on design paradigms, explain feature decisions, and I haven’t figured out exactly how this feedback thing works, but I guess we…