Utility available for stitching together archives of your tracking database

A co-worker of mine, Vishal, has posted on GotDotNet a new utility which enables customers to take the archives of their tracking database and stitch them together into a single, large database. http://www.gotdotnet.com/codegallery/codegallery.aspx?id=67bbd6ea-850e-4d93-be87-df6788976cab This can be a very usefull tool when used in association with the Archiving and Purging features of BizTalk 2006 which will…

Whole buncha stuff

So it has been a while. In the mean time, WE SHPPED!!!! It is such a great feeling. I have been on this team for almost 7 years now and this release is defnitely the best (one would of course hope that every release is better than the previous but you never know 🙂 :)….


Job Openings

Hi all. Hope everyone watched as the Seahawks pummelled the Carolina Panthers yesterday. For our remote team members out in Charlotte … ouch … 6 total yards in the first quarter … ouch (I know it hurt Brian :). However, on a positive note, the Biztalk team is growing and has a lot of cool…