Okay, this is just a test to see if this is actually working. I am trying to create a blog where some of the core engine guys from the bts team can post thoughts on design paradigms, explain feature decisions, and I haven't figured out exactly how this feedback thing works, but I guess we get feedback. Since the only guy I saw “blogging” was Scott Woodgate, I figured perhaps a bit more info out there would be good. 🙂  We should be able to get postings on here from the guys who wrote the orchestration engine, messaging engine, messagebox, some of the adapters, ... . We'll see how it goes. Okay, lets see if this works.


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  1. Koka says:

    Something I have been looking for… insights from the core developers of the product. This should be good.

  2. Carlo Poli says:

    Great initiative, let’s get some discussion through this channel. Things I’m interested in are design choices around convoys, tracking, subscriptions and much more.

  3. Nic Wise says:

    Well, looks like it works 🙂

    From a developer point of view, my piece of feedback from today would be: more (interactive?) visibility of pipelines – eg, be able to step thru them, inspect what goes in and out of each step etc. Even just a debug dump would be great 😉

    That said, I did get my first C# custom decoder working today, so I’m a happy camper.

  4. Eldar says:

    Cool, great to see you blogging 🙂 I’d like to start it myself too, although…

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