Debugging Routing Failures

Okay, I disappeared for a while. There is this crazy thing called “work” which my bosses (for those of you who are confused, Scott Woodgate is not my boss 🙂 seem to think I need to do sometimes. Some positive news is that BizTalk 2004 SP1 should be released early next year which is a…

Another Kevin is posting. :)

Kevin Lam has decided to start his own blog. He’s been on the team for a while now and is one of the product team’s frontline guys. He is the guy out there working with the big customers, helping with their designs, getting there stuff into our labs, asking the questions and making sure we…

Msgbox Operations Advanced Queries Download available

Okay, GotDotNet is way too slow getting stuff up. I guess they have to proofread and be careful since it is a public site. So, in the mean time, my friend (not my boss which appears to be the impression some people have. Scott and I got a good laugh) Scott Woodgate has let me…


New download coming

Okay, so I don’t have a link for it, but I have submitted it so hopefully it will show up shortly. I have written a paper entitled Biztalk 2004 Advanced Messagebox Queries which is designed to help you automate a lot of your operational health management work and also perform advanced troubleshooting of your system….

Document Normalization

Okay, I have seen this copied on two different blogs, so it is apparently usefull enough that others might be interested. I posted this originally on a public discussion alias in response to a question on where mappings should be done. “While there are actually some performance related reasons to put your maps in the…



Okay, I have been neglect and am trying to remedy this. I have a couple of papers I am working on which will get posted here very shortly. Hopefully one will be here by end of the week. I am also busy at work on BTS stuff trying to make your life easier (I hope)….


Okay, so where do subscriptions come from?

So where do subscriptions come from or more importantly when do they appear. As we described in our earlier post, there are two types of subscriptions, activation subscriptions and instance (correlation) subscriptions. All activation subscriptions are created by admin tools like BizTalk Explorer or BizTalk Admin MMC. It does not make sense for the engine…


Is there a pub/sub system underneath BizTalk?

    Okay, according to the stats, you guys stopped reading when I posted the convoy topic, but, well, I’ll keep throwing stuff at you and hope you enjoy it.   This is the first installment of the bizTalk pub/sub infrastructure talk. I have met lots of people who are confused about this (some of…



CONVOYS   From the BizTalk Documentation: When a group of correlated messages could potentially be received at the same time, a race condition could occur in which a correlation set in a particular orchestration instance must be initialized by one of the messages before the other messages can be correlated to that orchestration instance. To…


New good blog out

Be sure to check out Kevin Smith’s (kevinsmi) blog which appears to have just come out. He’s an ok chap, although I think he misspelled my last name on purpose (since we shared an office for a year you’d think he’d know how to spell it). Hopefully this weekend I’ll put together another good little…