Developer’s Troubleshooting Guide (great info on adapters!)

New! Contains valuable and practical information on troubleshooting all parts of BIzTalk Server.  A lot of information on troubleshooting adapters – very useful!   This troubleshooting guide is intended to provide guidance to developers in the detection and correction of programming issues within a BizTalk application. It may also be useful to information…


BizTalk Server 2006 Developer Center and TechCenter – July Adapter Release

As mentioned previously we recently launched the BizTalk Server 2006 Developer Center. This project constituted a complete rebuild of the previous BizTalk Server 2004 Developer Center. For May and June we featured orchestrations. This included new code samples, an FAQ paper on orchestrations, and in-depth content surfaced from the core documentation. With the re-design of…


Latest BizTalk 2006 Downloadable Help File

In the latest BizTalk Server 2006 Help Update, you’ll find the following content: Complete documentation for all BizTalk Server Line of Business Adapters, including new tutorials, one for each adapter. See the section “Using Adapters.” Troubleshooting guidance for each of the native BizTalk adapters. See the section “Troubleshooting Adapters.” Troubleshooting Instructions for how to capture…


Pre-Release BTS 2006 CHM Help File

Here is a link to the BizTalk Server 2006 Beta help documentation (3/3/06 build) in a .chm file.  Please post any comments here relating specifically to the adapter documenatation so I can fix or modify it for our RTW release.  Thank you for your feedback!