Wanted – Best Practices for Configuring and Using the new R2 WCF Adapters

I am looking to document “best practice” experiences in configuring and using the new R2 WCF adapters so others can learn from the mistakes/recommendations made by others. If you have anything to contribute I would greatly appreciate it.  Either post recommendations here or email me directly at mmckeown@microsoft.com with “WCF Adapter Best Practices” in the heading….


Download New Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Line-of-Business (LOB) Adapter SDK

The Microsoft© Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Line-of-Business (LOB) Adapter SDK provides for a simplified programming model on top of the WCF Channel Model by adding metadata browsing, searching and retrieving functionality, and development tools for generating and testing adapter code.  You can download it at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=56278FDE-B708-469C-987E-DED9C6C5E580&displaylang=en.


How the WCF LOB Adapter SDK works with IChannelFactory and IChannelListener

Q. It seems WCF LOB adapters works different from normal WCF service as there is no WCF Service hosted. Do we only use channelfactory to create custom channel for send wcf message to LOB without channellisterner? I just wonder how WCF LOB adapter run time works behind scene. WCF Service is hosted using a class…


WCF LOB Adapter SDK Download

WCF LOB Adapter SDK is now generally available for download . . . We are pleased to announce the release of WCF LOB Adapter SDK.  Here are some of the related links: WCF LOB Adapter SDK Technology Site WCF LOB Adapter SDK Download Site WCF LOB Adapter SDK MSDN Forum BizTalk Server Roadmap Building Custom…


WCF LOB Adapter SDK and its relationship with WCF Channel Model

In this post, I will show how WCF LOB Adapter SDK relates to WCF Service Model and WCF Channel Model.  WCF Service Model provides an intuitive programming model to create service-oriented interfaces.   There is plethora of information available on WCF (aka Indigo) now since its inception few years ago.   Typically when you are reading about…


WCF LOB Adapter Usage Patterns

An adapter built using WCF LOB Adapter SDK can be used in variety of topologies and scenarios.  Follow your organization’s n-tier architecture principles and design patterns to determine where the adapter can fit best for your requirements. Usage Pattern 1 – Consume adapter in a .NET managed application (Point-to-Point) Design Time: In Visual Studio 2005,…


Tale of two adapters — BizTalk WCF Adapter and WCF LOB Adapter

The Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 will ship with a BizTalk WCF Adapter.  The BizTalk WCF Adapter is a bridge between BizTalk and WCF. It supports features such as: Feature   Description Consume metadata exposed by WCF services   At design-time, in a BizTalk Project, right-click, select Add > Add Generated Items > Consume WCF Service,…


Consume WCF Service Wizard generates port binding configuration files for import into BizTalk Server

Scenario: You have already designed, implemented and hosted a WCF Service. Now, you would like to send (and get) messages to this WCF Service in a BizTalk Orchestration process.  BizTalk communicates with WCF applications via BizTalk WCF Adapter, which can be configured through send and receive ports in BizTalk.  This post talks about how BizTalk’s…


WCF Adapter Content Forthcoming!

Thanks to my co-worker and good friend PM Sonu Arora, I will begin posting content on the WCF LOB Adapter SDK on this site. For more information on this SDK and very useful programming information, add a link to her blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/sonuarora/     The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Line-of-Business (LOB) Adapter SDK is a collection…


Three LOB Adapter Webcasts

Host Integration Server 2006 Data Providers DB2 (Level 200) – Ricardo Mendes, Accessing IBM DB2 from BizTalk Server   Host Integration Server 2006 Data Providers for Host Files (Level 200) – Ricardo Mendes Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 (including the new Microsoft .NET Framework Data Provider for Host Files) technologies…