Tell me…what do you want for WCF adapter documenation?


Is there a specific WCF adapter sample or whitepaper you feel you would like to see written? If so, please email me directly and let's discuss to see if I can get what is needed any WCF adapter content.Please put on the subject line "WCF Adapter Documentation Recommendation" ,and send to Thank you.

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  1. says:


    • Diffrent  methods of creating a Inbound Handler, ex: polling
    • Operation metadata using a Schema



  2. ThiagoAlmeida says:

    Hi, your email is returning as "550 5.1.1 User unknown".

  3. Adnan iqbal says:

    Actually, i need WCF-NetTCP adapter usage with biztalk wizard that  like TCP adapter which we configure so how is the WCF-NetTCP will be use like TCP Adapter.  I need complete example like we create orchestration and Helper function.

    only i need graphical pictures of how to use WCF-NetTCP adapter and configured it by biztalk admin.

    your early reply will be highly appreciable for me.

    Thanks Regaeds,

    Adnan Iqbal

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