Customer Focused Task Force for BizTalk Server Documentation

We are forming a focus group to root out long standing or painful documenation deficits our customers are going through. My section (surprise, surprise) is adapters. I am thus solicting immediate feedback from any customer who has problems or suggested changes to any of the BizTalk Server documentation, general or specific in nature.

Here are some current requests I have received. Do you have any others or any comments on these?

  • How do you customize adapter property pages user interface
  • How do you define additional (property page) properties through an XML schema
  • Detailed documentation for changes between developing adapters for 2004 and 2006
  • Handling and tracking errors with endpoint issues (invalid endpoints,  error APIs, resumable vs non-resumable message)
  • Performance issues in adapter development (where and how to instrument code)

Thank you!

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  1. tomasr says:

    Here are some 🙂

    1- On the "Validating the Adapter Configuration" topic, you should definitely put an example, or refer to one.

    2- On the "Registering an Adapter" topic, it is mentioned that the adapter can be installed to the GAC, but it doesn’t specifically say exactly how to configure the entries in the registry to accomplish this. This is hinted at as well in the "How BizTalk Server Instantiates an Adapter", but the two topics aren’t linked together.

    3- More information is needed on creating adapters with dynamic configuration (i.e. like the SQL Adapter)

    4- The "Developing a Receive Adapter" topic could use some detailed documentation about how to initialize the messaging engine and the adapter correctly when the adapter is an out-of-proc (isolated adapter). While one can find this out from the sample adapters, it takes a while, and having it clearly spelled out in the docs would help a lot.

    5- It would be great to have some clearer information about how receive/send handler vs. recvloc/send_port configuration works, with examples.

    6- Improve the "Registering an adapter" topic. Really, it is confusing (things like how the XXXPropertiesXML keys work and so are not very clear).

  2. hsedidin says:

    The Oracle Adapter Documentation is very misleading, especialy when it comes to setting a TableEvent.

  3. Sanjeev says:


    I am also facing similar problem’s like  "tomasr". Prominent one’s are:-

    1. How can the adapter be installed to the GAC, so that we dont have to depend on "InBoundAssemblyPath."

    2. Example’s of Custom Property page’s

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. mmckeown says:

    Thanks sanjeev, hseddin, and tomasr. I will take these and pass them on to the group! We are meeting and putting together a plan.

  5. mmckeown says:

    I took all your input and we have laid out a documentation plan for this year including some of this feedback. Thank you! Great input.

    Anyone else?

    Kind regards


  6. amrutha says:

    i’am facing some problems while using ODBC Adapter for sql server. when i insert a row it is inserting only the first letter of the field like

    name: amrutha it is inserting only a into table.

    can anyone have a idea.

    thanks in advance.

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