Msbuild Archive Files Unique Zip file Name

this Explains how to use Msbuild to zip some log files. the zipfilename is generated from date time information, hence unique. 

<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets ="ZipLogs">

<Import Project="c:\sdc\Microsoft.Sdc.Common.Tasks" />

<PropertyGroup >

<MsgFailed>Failed Email for </MsgFailed>

<BuildLogZip> </BuildLogZip>


<Target Name="ZipLogs" >

<Time.GetTime Format="yyyyMMMdd-hh-mm" >

<Output TaskParameter="Time" PropertyName="ResultsItem" />


<Message Text="$(ResultsItem)" ></Message>



pathToFile="Summary1.log" />



pathToFile="Build.Log" />



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  1. kiquenet says:

    Mister, how can I zip a allcomplete folder ?? thanks

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