Validate schemas, assemblies, Correlations declarative

there is a simpler way of making sure the schemas match with the incoming messages .

in the btsntsvc.exe.config configuration just add this section.



                              <Debugging ValidateSchemas="true" ValidateAssemblies="true" ExtendedLogging="true" ValidateCorrelations="false"/>





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  1. Dourn says:

    What’s the performance impact of turning this on? You don’t mention whether this recommended for Dev environments only or not – do you condone doing this in production environments? (given the fact the element name is "Debugging" I’m assuming not 😉 )


    Daniel Probert

  2. Y2KPRABU says:

    though it is widely used in dev environments, it can be used in production env too.

    all these validations happen the first time associated Orch,Map is loaded.

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