HWTrek_HQ_Taipei-TeamHWTrek is the largest global platform for hardware innovation. We provide direct access to quality manufacturers and industry experts enabling innovators to take a project from an idea to delivery. Our expert pool includes hardware accelerators and incubators, prototyping and design houses, component manufacturers for IoT, robotics, wearables, drones and other devices, OEM/ODM/EMS manufacturers, injection molding, CNC milling and other experts, venture capital, online and brick-and-mortar retailers, marketing and crowdfunding consultants and many more. Hardware creators can sign up on the HWTrek platform at any stage and find the best resources to take them to another level. 


We also have the HUB—a cloud-based online planning and team collaboration tool designed specifically for the complex hardware development process. The HUB generates a management flow tailored specifically to each project and facilitates collaboration between the hardware innovators and HWTrek’s ecosystem of industry partners. This ensures the best matches and connections based on the unique requirements of each project and areas of expertise to help innovators navigate the complexities of bringing new hardware products to market, in order to deliver a high quality product on time, under budget, and at scale. 


HWTrek Website: https://www.hwtrek.com/

HWTrek Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/YNUW2b5G3Do

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