5 Things Businesses can Learn from a Startup Culture

Guest post by Lachlan McKnight, CEO of LegalVision Startups are synonymous with technology, rapid growth and disruption of traditional industries. Unsurprisingly, big businesses are seeing the benefits of startup culture including open plan offices, flexible work arrangements and autonomy over individual projects. In a recent Turnstone survey of 515 companies, 90 percent identified company culture…


Meet DesktopSimple – App delivery as-a-service that just makes sense

Guest post by Timothy Mukaibo – Founder DesktopSimple It’s been said that some of the best startups and technologies are invented by a founder wishing to solve their own problem; “necessity being the mother of innovation”, and all that. A few years ago I was a technical consultant on various large-scale Windows desktop migration projects….


Meet Process PA – Support that is always available. Simple, quick, compliant running of your P&C or P&F.

Guest post by Matthew Rowan, CEO and founder of ProcessPa 1. Why are you building this startup? What does it do?I am building this startup because there needs to be an easier way for volunteer organisations to manage documents, governance and their volunteer workforces tasks. Currently there is no online platform dedicated to the specific…


Discounted tickets to Microsoft Australia’s Ignite conference for BizSpark Members

This is something that you guys have asked me about every year and I’m extremely happy to share the news – I’ve finally managed to secure discounted tickets to Microsoft Australia’s Ignite conference for BizSpark members, woohoo! Some of you might be asking, what is the Ignite conference?We’re bringing together the best of all your favourite tech…


Meet GreenSocks – The easiest way to get your lawn mowed

Guest post by Andrea Martins, Co-Founder GreenSocks 1. What is GreenSocks? GreenSocks is a two-sided marketplace for lawn care services. On the customer side, we save mowing customers the hassle of finding and managing someone to mow their lawn. On the provider side, we find guaranteed jobs for mowing guys and we save them the expense…


Meet strategik – the Office 365 experts

Guest post by Dr Adrian Colquhoun, Founder strategik WHY ARE YOU BUILDING THIS STARTUP? WHAT DOES IT DO? Strategik are passionate about building information management solutions for the enterprise. We have two streams to our business, an Office 365 “Experts on Demand” service that helps business with all the routine issues they encounter in the…


Telstra launches their new public SMS API

Hey everyone, Earlier this week our friends at Telstra released their new public SMS API to ALL developers! You can register at the API Developer portal. Please use the event code ‘BIZSPARK’ when registering. You can find more info on the program and the journey they’ve taken so far here. You can also expect to see Telstra making…


Meet Disrupt – "Customizing the world’s sports gear"

Guest post by Gary Elphick, CEO Disrupt Surfing 1. Why are you building this startup? What does it do?  Disrupt began with the founding idea that sporting goods are constructed with a cookie-cutter ‘average’ user in mind. This common view assumes that all sportspeople are identical with the same needs, skill level, fitness and tastes.  This…


Reflect Growth, an EdTech startup that’s going to empower teachers to raise teaching quality

Guest post by Matt Woodward, Co-Founder, Reflect Growth Even those who work outside of education have seen the recent media coverage over the government’s concerns about teaching quality.  Although you may not fully understand it, everyone in the community will agree that raising and maintaining teaching quality has got to be important.  Great schools, with…