7 Tips to Master Automated Email Marketing Workflows and Use Them to Promote Your Business

Guest post by Gloria Kopp- CEO at Studydemic.

While a whole lot of modern marketing is very cutting edge and up to the minute, based on analytical data and social media trends, there are also plenty of techniques that are important while being more old-school. Email marketing is a massive part of modern advertising campaigns, and is often ran alongside other aspects of a campaign that may be a little more modern and cutting edge. Forgetting to properly use email campaigns can be a huge mistake for many businesses who over look this traditional technique. However, even more businesses make the mistake of not using an automated service to create their email campaign, and instead spend hours of their time constructing emails that may or may not be well-received by customers. Using a modern automated email service may be the best way of modernising an email campaign, as it really does merge using modern and developed tools that have evolved over decades to really optimise business practices, with this tried and tested method of engagement and dissemination.

Automated emails save you valuable time and resources and make sure that every email you send hits the nail on the head and helps you achieve exactly what you’re trying to do. There’s no need to fret over when to send an email or what your topic should be, as this service can figure everything out for you and make sure it’s all sent at the perfect time and contains the exact right content to be appealing to your client base.

1.      Decide On Your Goals

When you embark on an email campaign it is absolutely essential to have a clear goal. Or even a couple of goals in mind. While it’s possible to have more than one, try to limit yourself to no more than two or three, as more than this can make your campaign incoherent and sporadic. There is no end of goals you may wish to set yourself but before each email campaign you should decide on one or two in order to make sure that you can properly plan your campaign, and also monitor its success. It is much harder to monitor progress in all areas of business rather than just one, which you can quantify and measure so you can tell when your emails have been a success and when they need some tweaks. You may want to do some research with a tool such as Reach Mail to see exactly what an email marketing scheme can do for you, and decide how to continue with your schemes. You can then decide on your goal based on what you can see automated email marketing schemes, such as Target Hero are able to achieve, and decide on your plan of action from there.

2.      Make A Plan on How to Reach Your Goal

This is one of the most difficult aspects of an automated email campaign as it involves making a lot of choices that are fairly subjective. One thing you need to decide is how often you want to send messages, which is a delicate balance, as you don’t want to send messages too sporadically that your clients forget all about you, nor do you want to bombard them with emails to the point that they get annoyed by you and unsubscribe. You also need to consider the fact that you may not want to send the same emails to every client. When you send an email that is leading your customers towards your goal, for example reading a blog post or referring you to a friend, or even buying something, the follow-up email should differ depending on whether they have done what you wanted or not. You also may want to consider re-sending various emails at different times, and a strategy is easy to map out with a tool such as Mail Jet. You will need to create a couple of different workflows depending on your goals and the possible paths your customers take to make sure they are receiving the relevant messages that they can take action on.

3.      Map Out Possible Workflows

When you realise how many different actions it’s possible for your customers to take, you may see a need to map out all of the different responses and possibilities you will need over the course on the email campaign. It is sometimes extremely useful to hire a copy writer, for example, from Paper Fellows or an editor, such as those available at Write My Essay to help you map out the number of potential responses and workflows you will need to produce coherent responses in a well-thought out campaign. Figuring out the number of responses that you could potentially need and the various workflows that are applicable to achieving your goal with all of your customers not just a select few is a really key milestone.

4.      Write Your Emails

Depending on your digital marketer, writing the emails may be the hardest part or the easiest part of creating an automated email campaign. For anyone with a content marketer who has a flair for creative and persuasive writing, this can be a fairly simple task, but if writing isn’t naturally your forte, you can make sure you’re attainting the right tone and structure by using language tools such as State of Writing, which lists a whole range of resources such as dictionaries and thesauruses that can be used to improve you language and expression skills. You can also use online spelling and grammar checkers  to make sure that all of your posts are totally flawless in terms of content and quality. One particularly good checker is Dissertation service which also makes it easy to stick to a word count you may have set for your email campaign. Using online resources like this can make your writing much more fluid, and you can pick up some awesome writing skills on the way, as with most skills, practice makes perfect in the sense that the quality of your written content in emails will improve over time.

5.      Proof Read Your Emails

No matter what your business is, you need to appear competent and in control. It’s no use saying that you business pays attention to fine details and is focused on providing the best service if your work shows to be sloppy and unsophisticated. Getting into the habit of proofreading is also beneficial for your other web content, which should also have perfect spelling and grammar in order to fuel SEO. Proof reading emails is a great way to ensure all of your messages are perfect, and seeing as these emails will be sent en-masse to thousands of people, you can lose a whole lot of potential customers and sales if any email contains a mistake. Elite Assignment Help or Grade on Fire are great proof reading tools that can help you ensure that an expert has provided an honest opinion and will guarantee that every single post is completely perfect.

6.      Add Authority to Your Emails

No matter what your goals are, you will need to establish the trust and support of your customers. One of the key methods of doing this is by making sure you have added references and evidence to back up your claims in emails. One way of doing this is by adding backlinks to your sources, which is great for SEO if you duplicate this content online too. However another effective way of doing this is by adding references to back up your claims on the email itself, so your clients don’t need to go looking through other pages of text to find the information they’re looking for. While referencing can be a bit of a chore, it’s been made a whole lot easier with the development of tools such as Assignment Help or Uktopwriters, where your references are turned into footnotes with total ease and simplicity. This takes all the hassle out of creating footnotes and references for your emails, and makes it nice and easy for your clients to believe everything you say and verify every claim your make.

7.      Test Out Your Emails

As with all other business aspects, it’s necessary to try out your emails and tweak them when necessary to make sure they are optimal for your business and achieving the goals you have set. It’s nice and easy to monitor the effectiveness of you emails with tools such as Litmus. This makes it easy to make sure your emails are mobile friendly, as well perform quick tests, pick up on any errors, or even collaborate with others who might be working on campaigns with you. While you may think you have planned an awesome campaign, you don’t want to just assume you were right, and instead should listen to responses from clients, and make the most of the information you have available in order to make sure your email campaigns are as effective as possible.

While automated emails may be tricky to implement in the beginning, you can find that they save a whole lot of time and effort later, can be used for years and sent to thousands of clients. Having a work flow makes it simple to properly direct emails tailored to each clients’ needs without spending hours sending individual messages. This is the best possible way to make sure your email campaigns are as effective and efficient as possible.

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