Most Common Reasons Startups Fail (and how to avoid them)

Guest post by James Burbank, editor in chief at BizzMarkBlog Even the birds in the trees know that sentence that, for some reason, opens at least half of all startup-related articles – the one with nine out of ten startups not surviving the first couple of years, or something along those lines. It is an…


How to Use Social Media for your Business

Guest post by Jane Hurst, & We’re all familiar with how important social media is to our personal lives, as it often acts as the main source of contact between you and your friends/family, but what about the importance of social media in your business? If you’re an entrepreneur with your own business, social media…


Australian Start Up Uses Machine Learning to Tackle $14.1b Global Recruitment Problem

27 March 2017, Melbourne Australia Australian science technology company Gooroo is using big data, machine learning and sociometrics to search, select and deliver qualified and verified shortlists of IT candidates. “We’ve taken one of the most expensive, manually intensive and biased parts of the recruitment process and replaced it with data and scientific rigour,” said…


How to Effectively Convince People to Join Your Start Up

  Guest post by Stacey Cooper, Business Consultant and contributor to   In the startup era, people rely on digital technologies while developing their businesses. That is the reason why there are so many solopreneurs out there. Still, not even an advanced BI software and a top-notch digital marketing strategy can’t replace an awesome team….


8 Steps to make Google and the users love your business website content

Guest post by Gloria Kopp, There’s a balance you’ll have to find while creating your website content, and that’s the balance between making your readers happy and satisfying the search engine gods. Believe it or not, you can create amazingly valuable content that your readers will actually want to read, while hitting all of…


10 B2B Services Worth Checking out in 2017

Guest post by Amir Noghani, General Manager, Green Web Marketing B2B, or Business-To-Business, is a new name for an old industry. Selling your services or products to another business, as opposed to the end consumer, can generate several advantages to a business, but it also comes with its share of disadvantages. In general, B2B transactions…