International conference on Predictive Applications and APIs in Sydney – Special offer

PAPIs (which is short for "Predictive APIs") is a major forum for the presentation of new machine learning APIs, techniques, architectures, and tools to build predictive applications. It brings together practitioners from industry, government and academia to present new developments and identify new needs and trends.

The upcoming conference, PAPIs '15, will feature talks on real-world use cases, lessons learnt by developers of predictive apps, tutorials on tools and APIs for building such apps, and a research track. It will also be the 1st time ever that leaders at Amazon Machine Learning, Microsoft Azure ML, Google Prediction API and BigML meet on the same stage. Last year, PAPIs '14 took place in Barcelona and attracted more than 200 people coming from 22 different countries.

PAPIs '15 is taking place at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney the 6th & 7th August 2015


The organizers are giving away a couple of tickets exclusively to BizSpark members. Simply fill in this form (Name and email) until Friday 17th July (extended deadline) and a couple of winners will be randomly chosen. If you can't wait, you can use this 30% discount code to get your ticket: bizspark

Official website and registration:

Schedule & Speakers:

Detailed information:

Twitter: @papisdotio  - join the converstaion at #papis2015

Comments (2)

  1. Srini says:


    Is there an offer code for the event?

  2. esthergergis says:

    Hi Srini,

    Yes, the last paragraph has all the details.

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