IT salaries are in decline. Software development and infrastructure skills the least impacted.

Guest post by Jaquelyn Muller, Content & PR Director,

Melbourne (Australia) 8 May, 2015 – Tech career marketplace, Gooroo, has released its April tech career & salary trend data.

This past month shows that the average tech salary in Australia continues to fall in 2015 following on from the Q1 trend. Advertised April salaries saw a drop of 1.6% from March figures, bringing the total average fall from the start of the year to 7.5%.

Again, software development and infrastructure skills continue to be the least impacted areas (falling 3.3% and 3.9% respectively). Mobile technology related skills continue to see the largest drop in salaries since the start of this year, now paying 14.6% less than they were in January (see figure below).

"The recent fall in Australian tech salaries this year is in contrast to the general rise seen in the industry throughout 2014. It’s surprising that mobile and big data salaries are impacted the most, given the airtime they usually receive. Time will tell whether these roles rise again or if the skills will become part of the ordinary software developer role.”, suggests Gooroo VP Product, Carl Joseph.

The number of advertised jobs have remained quite steady over the same period, with a slight rise seen in April.


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For employers, Gooroo is removing the complexity in finding tech talent; improving accuracy and speed, while dramatically reducing costs and risks.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Gooroo is close to commercialisation of its job matching platform and is currently seeking partners to support the next phase of its product development and market growth objectives.

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Gooroo uses advanced people analytics to find the relationships between tech skills, careers, salaries, experience levels and regions.This data delivers a reliable benchmark of demand and salary trends across hundreds of IT skills. Tech talent can currently use Gooroo for free to access insights and tools customised to their own skills and career ambitions.


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