Australian start-up launches new smartlock at German tradeshow


Gold Coast, Australia, 24th November 2014 – Steve Dunn and his team from LEAPIN Digital Keys have returned from the Essen Security Tradeshow in Germany, the biggest trade show on the planet for security products, with a new smartlock, new apps and new partnerships. The team has also just graduated from their 2nd USA Accelerator Program, Wearable Worlds San Francisco. Wearable Worlds organised meetings for LEAPIN with telco and tourism chiefs throughout Silicon Valley.

LEAPIN Digital Keys is a smartphone enabled access control system, otherwise referred to as a ‘smartock’ or a ‘connected lock’.

Next week at the Internet of Things Connect 14 Conference at Park Royal Darling Harbour, Mr Dunn will be a keynote speaker talking about his international experiences in the smartlock and digital keys space.

“It’s a very exciting space at the moment”, said Steve Dunn, CEO and Co-Founder of LEAPIN Digital Keys, “in the last couple of months, three of the top ten global hotel chains, Hilton, Accor and Starwood, with around 2 million rooms between them, announced over a billion dollars in investment to start rolling out smartphone self check-in and new digital key smartlocks in all of their rooms by the end of 2016”.

At the IoTConnect 14 Conference, Mr Dunn will be joining other key innovators, such as Kevin Bloch the CTO of Cisco, and Martin Creighan, Managing Director AT&T Australia and New Zealand to examine multi-modal synergies between IoT ecosystems such as smart cities, smarthomes, health, wearables and cars.

“The smarthome/smartlock market is massive in the USA at the moment, but it is only just breaking – and it’s like we've been swimming in front of the wave for the last 4 years now”, said LEAPIN CEO Mr Dunn who launched trials of their first smartphone self check-in system in a Gold Coast Resort in mid 2011, “there were many lock manufacturers and hotel groups interested in our technology at the Essen Security Tradeshow, and now we’re paddling as fast as we can now to keep up with thousands of pre-orders coming in from around the globe”.

About the Internet of Things Connect Conference:
The IoT Connect Conference, organized by the Informa Australia Pty Limited will take place from 2nd December to the 3rd December 2014 at the Parkroyal Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia. The conference will cover areas like how to add new networks and communities to your product, smart cities, home, health, wearables, car & agriculture, the key drivers for Internet of Things and much more on that related topics.
For more information visit and contact Jonny Peters, Conference Producer +61 2 9080 4496

About LEAPIN Digital Keys 
An award winning company based on the Gold Coast, Australia LEAPIN is a security and mobile applications company that builds and sells smartlocks, smartphone self check-in and web check-in for accommodation. LEAPIN’s puts your keys in your phone so you can leap in!  LEAPIN Digital Keys is a graduate of the Australian ANZ Innovyz START Accelerator Program, the 10xelerator Program (Columbus, Ohio, USA) and the Wearable Worlds Accelerator Program (San Francisco)
For more information (video’s and images) about LEAPIN’s new smartlock and products please visit 
Contact Steve Dunn CEO/Co-Founder  0406 970 213

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