LVLUP – The Road to PAX Australia


Win - PAX Booth, Store Promotion, Media Exposure

Are you a game developer?  Do you want to take your game to PAX Australia this year?  Then the LVLUP - The Road to PAX competition is here for you!

Bring your game to Windows Phone before June 15, to go into the running to win a booth for your game at PAX Australia this year.

How to Enter 

  1. Bring your game to Windows Phone
  2. Have it in the Windows Phone Store before June 15, 2014
  3. Enter via the LVLUP – Road to PAX challenge on DLVUP.  You will get 100XP on DLVUP just for entering!

The Winners

There will be a winner from each category, each landing their own space at the booth at PAX.  The prize categories are:

Best Student Game, Best Game, People's Choice

Judges will pick 5 finalists for Best Game, and 5 finalists for Best Student Game.  The finalists then go into the running for the People’s Choice category.  In addition, all finalists will be promoted in the Windows Phone store.

For the People’s Choice, the finalist game with the most downloads between June 15th and June 30th 2014, with over a 4 star rating in the Australian Windows Phone Store, will become the People’s Champion.

On July 7th, the winners of Best Game, Best Student Game, and People’s Choice will be announced.

The Road To Pax
It doesn’t stop there.  For the winners it is about their journey to PAX.  Winners will receive a full fit out for the booth.  Branding, collateral and other merchandise to hand out, screens, devices, you just bring yourself.

We will be following your preparation for PAX, and helping where we can to ensure your game is primed for promotion.  We will be hooking you into the media channels and helping you book the meetings at PAX to make the most of your exposure.  And we will be supporting you with staff to man the booth when you are busy.

Does your game make sense on a bigger screen?  We can also help you get your game across to Windows 8.1.

Competition Terms and Conditions for LVLUP:The Road to PAX, formally known by legal robots as the “Nokia Developer” promotion.


Some resource to help you get started:

Any questions, feel free to reach out to @vaughanknight on Twitter, using the #lvlup hashtag.

Mini FAQ

Does it have to be a new game, or can it be a port of my existing game on another platform?
Ports from other platforms are fine, as are new titles.  The choice is yours.

Can I enter multiple times?
Yes.  Entrants can enter as many games as they wish, but can only win once.

Can a student win Best Student Game, Best Game, and People’s Choice?
Entrants can only win 1 category, and are automatically entered into all eligible categories.  Students are eligible to win all 3 categories.  Non-students are eligible to win Best Game, and People’s Choice categories only.

Is this part of
Entrants receive XP on when submitting their application to the competition. is used to submit an entry into the competition as it automatically handles certain aspects of the submission process.

If I win, do I need to make my own way to PAX?
You will receive entry to PAX as an exhibitor as part of your prize.  You will need to organise your own travel and accommodation.

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