Nudge Moments: Your Startup Finance Question Answered. Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow

Nudge Moments: Cashflow

Finance, accounting, numbers... ahhh! Thankfully our friends at Nudge Accounting are here as our special monthly guest vloggers to answer your startup finance questions each month.

So we asked & our BizSpark community came back with some finance questions, concerns & key issues utilizing our #nudgemoments hash tag. This month @deanrobertson pointed out that "cashflow, cashflow, cashflow" is on the top of the list for startup finance concerns. So Emma Petroulas has put together a vlog all about cashflow.


Got a question you would like answered? Send your questions in by commenting below or tweeting us via @BizSpark_au and the hastag #nudgemoments.  Get your questions in by the end of the month & we will select the best question to be answered in Emma's next video blog!


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  1. Emily says:

    Hi, I have a question for Emma; If you are a sole trader and have multiple blogs/websites, do you have to register each websites name as a business trading name? And, if you do, do you need to set up separate bank accounts for each website/business name, or as a sole trader, can you collect all your income directly into a single bank account under your own name?

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