Conquer the Web! Discounted tickets for BizSpark Members

In September, our good friends from Anthill Magazine will be hosting an event called Conquer the Web.

It's a one-day online marketing seminar workshop, being run by James Tuckerman, someone who I have personally learned from, who is really generous with his knowledge.

You might recognise the name because, in 2009, James transformed a successful print-based business magazine into one of Australia's Top 50 Business & Finance websites (according to Nielsen Online Ratings). He achieved this outcome in six months with a budget of less than $900. (That's right... $900.) He is now one of Australia's most successful independent digital publishers.

I've listened to his online marketing lessons and walked away with new insights and tools that my business was able to start implementing almost immediately. That's why I'm inviting connections from my network who I think would also benefit from attending.

Here are three reasons why I'm spreading the word:
1. I want my network to learn ways to use technology to claw back their time. James does that really well, using social media and other clever techniques.
2. James brings it all back to the fundamentals of business... using online marketing to attract and nurture leads, make sales and reduce business costs.
3. Online marketing is now an essential aspect of every business, yet most Australian companies still flounder. James makes learning simple and fun.

But here's why members of the BizSpark network, in particular, should attend: Because most startups are so fixated on the product or service or the problem that they intend to solve that they forget about the need to develop a database of prospects from the outset.

They take the field of dreams approach. But if you build it, will they automatically come?

What are you doing to build a marketplace of prospective customers?

If you'd like to attend the event, you can purchase tickets here: (URL: And if you use the code BIZSPARK a ticket will only cost you $47, instead of $97 per ticket.

It's a full day event and definitely worth the time and money. Hope you'll make it.

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