General Assembly classes now in Australia – Discounts for BizSpark Members!


OK, I realise that you probably already all know that the General Assembly classes have been running in Sydney over the last few weeks... The concept which started in New York has been welcomely received here in Australia with great responses to the sessions already run. I have to admit the delay on putting info up about these courses is just because Riley (The guy making all this happen from GA Aus) and I just kept missing each other! We finally got to catch up today and he shared the awesome sauce that is the GA courses running here in Sydney and his plans for national expansion! Exciting!

Anyway, because Riley is such a nice guy, he has agreed that the remaining courses he has scheduled will be awesome for BizSpark members wanting to learn how to best succeed in the startup world, he has put together an offer for all BizSpark members to receive a 15% discount for the courses! whoohoo! Thanks! Smile

To get your Discount enter the code “GAsydney” when registering.


The upcoming General Assembly Sydney courses

Introduction to Marketing Analytics
Tuesday June 12th, 6pm to 7.30pm
Are you wondering how to gauge the hard work and strategy implementation of your marketing efforts? If so, this class will cover the wide scope of tools and data that can be used to determine a number of metrics and keep your marketing strategies in line with greater business goals. Tickets available on eventbrite

Programming Fundamentals for Non-Techies
Tuesday June 19th, 6pm to 7.30pm
How much truth do you find in the statement "Speaking with developers is only slightly more difficult than speaking with the dead"? If you want to be part of the teams that are currently building our digital world, you need to be able to understand the world of development - from the language they speak, to what they need to get the job done and what you should get from them. Tickets available on eventbrite

Lean Marketing Strategies for Startups
Thursday June 14th, 6pm to 7.30pm
Marketing can be an expensive proposition for a startup, especially one prioritising its spending around the launch of a product or the acquisition of users. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies for getting the word out cheaply. This class focuses on the techniques and tricks for using minimal spending to produce maximum marketing awareness. Tickets available on eventbrite


Selling with Social Media
Thursday June 21st, 6pm to 7.30pm
How do you converts likes and followers into purchases? This class will provide strategy and guidelines on how to use social media to increase sales, and generate leads and referrals. We’ll do practical exercises so that you leave with the tools to create actionable social media content. Tickets available on eventbrite

Financial Modelling for Startups
Tuesday June 26th, 6pm to 7.30pm
This class is designed for business leaders who want to learn about financial modelling. No accounting background is necessary, but a basic working knowledge of Excel is required. We'll start by discussing the purpose of a financial model. How to architect and build an effective model that tells the “story” of a business and how to identify its key drivers. Tickets available on eventbrite

How to Raise Seed Capital
Thursday June 28th, 6pm to 7.30pm
Money makes the world go around, and can also help you take your startup to the next level quicker. This session will provide a step-by-step, insider’s view of the process of raising seed capital for your business. 
Tickets available on eventbrite

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  1. Roger Qiu says:

    Have you heard of Polycademy in Canberra? ( We're a web dev/entrepreneurship bootcamp.

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