Are you Developing for Windows 8?

The team here at Microsoft *really* want to help you build the best app you can for the upcoming Windows 8 Launch.

We have locked our best engineers in a room and given them the very important job of reviewing and providing advice to developers for their Windows 8 application and called it the Windows 8 App Excellence Labs.

In Nick Hodge’s beautifully succinct words:

  1. Developer writes Windows 8 App
  2. Dev registers at
  3. I allocate them one of 64 2-hour slots we have for Review (
  4. The developer, if successful gets a free Token to the Windows Store

This is open to *any* Windows 8 Developer in Australia, free of charge.

I love this feedback from Garry Holden from Handiware, on submitting & having his first App reviewed:

I think it went great. They had already played with my App before the initial call, so there was a lot of discussion about what was good, and what could be better. They gave me a lot of feedback and pointed out a few bugs which I am now in the process of fixing. They even did it all with a sense of humor which made the experience that much better.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get feedback on your application – but also to get some additional visibility of your application not only within the teams at Microsoft – but in the Windows Store!

We only have 64 2-hour slots available so get it quick!!!

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