Guest Post: Help a fellow Aussie–looking for a Co-Founder

Today in Australia is Anzac Day. Lest We Forget. ANZAC day is where we all take time out of our day to day lives of work, school and all the things that we are lucky enough to have the freedom to enjoy because of those who fought for our freedom in years gone past. We take time to to thank all those who served and died in military operations for our Country as well as think of the bravery, support and camaraderie that the Australian & New Zealand forces were renown for.

Keeping in mind that Australians are known for this kind of support, it seemed somewhat relevant to have this guest post today, a request for help from a fellow Aussie.

Today Nicola puts a call out for a “comrade” to help her with her new startup, FitIntegrate. She has been successful in applying for Melbourne based Incubator Angel Cube and now needs a technical co founder to help her create the technology to bring her company vision to life. If the below sounds like you – feel free to reach out to her via the details below.



Seeking ROR Technical Cofounder Based in Melbourne for SAAS, Catering to the Fitness Industry

Hi. I’m Nicola. I am the founder of FitIntegrate. FitIntegrate is essentially an automated temp agency for the fitness industry. More specifically, FitIntegrate matches relevant instructors to gym classes.

Where FitIntegrate is at:

-Launched Private Beta in Feb 2012

-Currently120 users signed up (a mix of instructors and gyms)

-It’s built in Ruby (to date the development has been outsourced)

-FitIntegrate secured a spot in the AngelCube 2012 accelerator program

-Has first “big” deal/customer in the pipeline

Going forward...

I am looking to bring on a ROR technical cofounder to take FitIntegrate to the next level. The next iteration involves text message integration, payment gateway integration and a new UX/UI implementation. The design component is being outsourced at present. Backend development will be where this cofounders talents lie.

Ideally, I am looking for someone who:

-Enjoys the gym/fitness space

-Has startup experience and/or is SUPER passionate about getting involved

-Loves Ruby

-Is available full time to participate in the AngelCube program (some flexibility here)

-Gets sh*t done (no flexibility here)

So, what’s on the table?

Equity… And a little cash (if necessary).

A bit about me…

The idea came about as a frustrated instructor myself. I’ve had over 6 years experience in the fitness industry in a variety of roles, ranging from instructing to gym management. This means I know customers well, and have also built up a strong network. FitIntegrate is my first start up; however, I have had experience working with startups through my internship at Adventure Capital. Currently, I am one subject off achieving a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Business + fitness is pretty much me in a nutshell.

Over to you…

If you are interested, check out the site

Drop me an email at with some feedback on the site - anything - and a bit about who you are and what you have done. Links to recent work would be awesome.




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