Entourage Webinar Tonight – Achieving Rapid Growth with Jack Delosa

Having heard Jack Speak several times, I can highly recommend you set aside 55 minutes to tune into this tonight at 7pm EDST!!

The Entourage recently conducted research into the highlights and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Australia. An astounding 79% of business owners list their number one challenge as "business growth".
The research indicates that the majority of business owners in Australia feel like they spend too much time working in their business, while generating too little of a return by way of profitability.
If you can relate to these issues then this letter is for you...
The Entourage is hosting an Exclusive Webinar for it's Members, where Jack Delosa who has been listed as one of Australia's Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30, will be outlining three core principles to achieving rapid growth in your business. These principles are increasingly relevant given the worsening state of the economy.
These strategies, when applied, can allow you to reach thousands of highly qualified prospects in your industry, drive revenue and even raise money from investors so you can sustain growth over a long period of time.
Your Outcomes for the Webinar:

  • Understand how to reach thousands of highly targeted prospects without increasing your marketing budget
  • Identify who are the complimentary businesses you can partner with in order to gain mass distribution to potential clients
  • The keys to partnering with first-tier brands
  • How to raise money from investors in a way that accelerates your growth
  • Develop a long term strategy for your business

If you are serious about driving the growth of your business, and learning from people with "been there, done that" experience:

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The Webinar is only available to the first 200 people that register

About the Presenter - Jack Delosa
Jack Delosa is a Gen Y entrepreneur and investor and was recently described by  Sunrise as “The Young Aussie Millionaire That Didn’t Finish Uni.
Still in his twenties his career has spanned business, media and politics.
From having his company listed in the Fastest 50 Start-Ups in Australia, to raising over $5m for his personal clients and acquiring businesses with his panel of investors, Jack Delosa is an emerging leader for future and existing entrepreneurs.
Jack’s focus is educating and developing a new breed of entrepreneur through his two business education institutions, The Entourage and MBE Education. Educating entrepreneurs where they are needed most, he also contributed to the development of the curriculum at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa.
Jack has consulted for brands such as Microsoft, Virgin and CPA on the topic of business growth and performance.
Today he is a spokesperson for entrepreneurship in Australia as a regular blogger for Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Start Up Smart, Dynamic Business Magazine and Australian Anthill. He has also been featured in BRW, Career One, Channel 9, Channel 10 News and Sunrise.
In recognition of his successes, Jack has been listed as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs under 30 in Australia in the Dynamic Business Young Guns, and three times in Australian Anthill’s 30Under30 Publication.
Fast Facts
          Tonight! Wednesday 5th October, 2011
Time          7:00pm - 7:55pm
Where       Your Computer!
To bring    Have a note pad and pen ready as there will be an Application Exercise during the session
Bonus for Attending!
At the end of the Webnar you will also be invited to receive our Entrepreneurs Essentials Program, absolutely complimentary. A program which brings together an A-Team in Australian business to address the core issues facing small business right now. Every day for five days you will receive a new video from a top-tier entrepreneur talking about a different area of business. Hear from Creel Price, who sold his company for $109m, Siimon Reynolds who built his company to a valuation of $500m and many more.

Click here to register your place
The Webinar is only available to the first 200 people that register

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