Upcoming Sydney Angel Dinner: Tuesday 9th of August


On Tuesday the 9th of August the next Sydney Angel Dinner is being held. If you're an entrepreneur in the high-tech space and your business is looking for funding, you might be interested in pitching at this event. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Submit a 90 second video (any format acceptable but don’t exceed the time limit) to info@innovationbay.com
  • Tell us about your business and why we should select you
  • Explain your value proposition in a strong and punchy format. As pointers: business overview, what problem you are solving, the market, your team, etc. We want to know why you are poised to succeed
  • Your video will be uploaded to our Angels website (private log-in access only) where members can vote and further discuss your business with you.
  • The 4 pitches that receive the highest votes from our members, will be invited to present at the Angel Dinner

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 5PM ON FRIDAY, 29 JULY 2011. (Updated with correct date!)

Innovation Bay is a not-for-profit networking group bringing together extraordinary people who are passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

More details are here: http://www.innovationbay.com/

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  1. Spark says:

    Nice one …

      Posted on 25 Jul 2011 5:27 PM

      Submition closes by 5PM ON FRIDAY, 22 JULY 2011.

    Is it a mistake??? or is it a joke?

  2. Catherine Eibner says:

    Well Spotted – I have fixed the date mistake now :)Thanks Spark!

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