Playing with Windows Server Appfabric Cache : Error creating cache – ErrorCode<ERRPS009>:SubStatus<ES0001> DataCacheException

Hi All

While I was playing around with the Windows Server App-Fabric Caching Service , I came across a very strange issue.

Well strange because what I was trying to do was one of the most basic things I could have done in App-Fabric - Creating  a new Cache in a recently configured Cache on AppFabric Component.

While I was trying to create a new cache though the App Fabric Cache Power-Shell Command-lets


 New-Cache -CacheName NewCache -Secondaries 1 -TimeToLive 15


Once I executed the command I came across an unexpected error :


  CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [NewCache], DataCacheExceptionFullyQualifiedErrorId : ERRPS009,Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Commands.NewCacheCommand


Well there was hardly any information available in the error message through which I could have got any indicators towards what the error might be , one of the very informative trainig video helped me in finding the error.


The reason why I faced this error was because I was not connected to any network and the reason why the presence of a network is critical, is mentioned below :

The API's in the back-end that the Power-Shell command-lets uses , are basically the wrapper over the WCF based components that uses "NetTcpBinding"as a binding to communicate across  the cluster ( cache server nodes).Hence the for the communication to happen the minimum requirement is to have  a Network Adapter ( and I did not have a network connection when I face this error)

In case a network is  not present once can install / enable the "Loop-back Adapter" from the "Network and Sharing Adapter" . By enabling this the WCF based calls would be able to go through the TCP/IP stack and  would like a charm.( And this what I did)


Hope that would help a few !!!





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