Announcing general availability of API v12

We are thrilled to let you know that Bing Ads API Version 12 is now generally available in production to all our customers worldwide! As with the previous version, v11, API v12 is a major upgrade to our API. It rolls up all the component services to the same version and includes a number of new features and updates.

With the availability of v12, the previous version of the API, v11, is now deprecated. We will sunset i.e. shut down all the v11 service endpoints (Ad Insight, Bulk, Campaign Management, Customer Billing, Customer Management and Reporting services) on October 31st. We strongly encourage you to migrate to the v12 services as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your tools after the older services are sunset.

As with any version upgrade you’ll want to read up on new features and potential breaking changes. For details please see Migrate to Version 12. Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the box:

  • Multi-user access which allows you to access the accounts associated with multiple consolidated users (All APIs)
  • Microsoft Account Authentication via OAuth as the sole authentication mechanism (All APIs)
  • Consistent use of ISO currency codes and time zone values across all services (All APIs)
  • More accurate keyword and position estimates by refining the requested locations e.g., city or metro area (Ad Insight API)
  • Return all SOAP object elements by default, including the promotion of elements from the ForwardCompatibilityMap (Campaign Management, Customer Management API)
  • New report aggregation options (Hourly, DayOfWeek and HourOfDay) added to multiple reports for parity with our Bing Ads web application (Reporting API)
  • Consistency between the WSDL contract and downloaded report columns (Reporting API)
  • Ability to specify a time zone in all report requests for parity with our Bing Ads web application (Reporting API)

Note: The SDKs and code examples will also be updated soon with support for version 12. We’ll have a separate announcement on the blog when the new SDKs for API v12 become available.

Feel free to start working with the new services and let us know your feedback at

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