Now available: Updated GeoLocations.csv file

We’ve updated the GeoLocations.csv file to introduce new locations as well as making it possible for us to share location updates more efficiently. With the introduction of the new file version 2.0, the current file (v1.0) has been deprecated. To learn more about the GeoLocations.csv file, please visit the MSDN article.



  1. If you’re currently using the GetGeoLocationsFileUrl service operation to get the file download URL, you’ll need to explicitly specify “2.0” for the Version element in the request. Once version “1.0” of the file is sunset on October 31st, the only supported value for the Version element will be “2.0”. 
  2. Version 2.0 of the GeoLocations.csv file will only work with API v11 and is not supported with API v10.



This version will contain all the US counties in addition to the existing location records currently available.


The following existing columns will be removed from the file:

  • Code
  • Descriptor


The following existing columns will appear under a different name in the file:

  • Location Id (currently ID)
  • Bing Display Name (currently Display Name)
  • Location Type (currently Target Type)
  • AdWords Location Id (currently AdWords Location ID)


All other columns will continue to exist in the new version of the file. Versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the file will continue to be available until October 31st, after which point v1.0 will be removed and v2.0 will be the only file valid for use with the API.


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