Reminder: Upgrade to Sitelink2 before 9/30

As part of Bing Ads’ shift from a multiple-sitelinks-per-extension model to a one-sitelink-per-extension model, we’ve been working with API partners over the past few months to upgrade their customers’ sitelinks. If you support sitelinks on your platform today and have not yet planned on upgrading your customers prior to 9/30, please contact your account manager or Bing Ads Support immediately. Sitelink2 will be made generally available in October and all existing sitelinks will be subject to force-upgrade following 9/30.


If you haven’t already heard about the benefits introduced through Sitelink2 in our Quarterly API Calls, check out our upgrade guide on MSDN.




Object Model Diagram:


As always, we look forward to partnering with you as we continue to enhance the Bing Ads API platform.


The Bing Ads API Team

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  1. Adam says:

    There is a typo in the first sentence of this post. You are not moving to a multiple sitelink per extension model, you’re moving to a single sitelink per extension model.

    1. Thanks for catching that error, Adam! We love that you are an engaged user of Bing Ads 🙂

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