Adding New Range to Age-based Exclusions

In many countries, online advertisers are not supposed to target any users less than 18 years old. Already Bing Ads does not deliver interest-based advertising to children whose birthdate in their Microsoft account identifies them as under 13 years of age. There are no changes coming to that policy. Ages 13 to 17 can see your ads, although you cannot adjust the bid for that age range. We are now announcing that soon in Bing Ads you can specifically exclude ages 13 to 17.

We expect the new ThirteenToSeventeen value will be added to the AgeRange value set of the Campaign Management API by the end of June, and then bundled with the July SDKs refresh.

This is a breaking change, and as such we strongly encourage you to get the updated Campaign Management API definitions (whether you use the SDKs or generate the proxies on your own) once this change is released. You should upgrade by early September which is the earliest estimated date when clients will be able to set and retrieve the 13 to 17 age exclusion. We will announce more specific dates later this summer.

Again, this is a special age range as it can only be used with the bid adjustment range -100% to 0%. If you attempt to define any other bid adjustment using this age range, the CampaignServiceInvalidBidAmount error will be thrown.

As always, if you have any questions about implementation please feel free to contact Bing Ads support or post in the Bing Ads API developer forum. Please also let us know your feedback at

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