Announcing the Bing Ads developer center

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Bing Ads developer center

This is a new one-stop shop for our developer community to learn how to work with our platform, get up to date news on our latest features, and connect with the team and fellow developers. Things developers will get from this site include

  • One jumping off point to learn about the platform including tutorials, documentation, developer forums and code samples.
  • A user account page that takes the process of getting started with a developer token from up to two weeks down to two seconds for single user tokens.
  • Links to social media accounts and our developer blogs.
  • Migration of developer forums to MSDN which includes a number of sophisticated forum features better aimed at developers including better tracking of one’s active threads and a reputation system.
  • And my personal favorite, a clear path for support including a service status page which will be getting more fully featured in the coming months 

Please try out the site and let us know what you think either by posting a comment below or sharing your feedback on our developer forums

Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

Comments (2)
  1. DareObasanjo says:

    Will support and APIs for pubCenter (for Windows and Windows Phone) be moving to MSDN too?

  2. DareObasanjo says:

    There are no plans to move the PubCenter related forums at the current time.

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