Prepare for Product Ads Coming in Q3 2013

We are preparing to offer a new search ad format in the U.S., Product Ads, which allows retail advertisers to include product details such as image, price, description, and merchant information within the ad. Product Ads pulls inventory from an advertiser’s real-time product catalog and creates the new rich ad format – delivering key details of the product offer that a user would need to make an informed decision before clicking to the advertiser’s site.



We are currently testing Product Ads with a limited number of advertisers and plan to roll out Product Ads in the U.S. to retail advertisers in early Summer 2013; stay tuned for more details on exact timing.                                                

Action Recommended:  Bing Ads API users can prepare for the release of Product Ads targeted in early summer by making code changes early. We suggest a code ready date of June 1st so that you are ready to support your customers and Product Ads when this feature is made available to U.S. advertisers. Product Ads is currently available in the API sandbox environment; the API documentation is available on MSDN. There is also sample code in  C#,  Java and PHP

We will provide you with more specific release timing information as we get closer to launch, as well as planned future enhancements for this new search ad format. Please contact your account manager or stay tuned to the Bing Ads blog for more information. 


Dare Obasanjo

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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  1. DareObasanjo says:

    TL;DR: We are planning to copy google, and junk up our SERPS with more paid advertising. YAY! =/ For those who cant tell, in that image, only 1 of the visible results are organic.

  2. DareObasanjo says:

    I was going to join Bing Shopping.  However, I am wondering if it will be free or not?   Are only part of them paid?  Are you going to fully move to paid as Google did?   If so, I likely will not use your services.  Let me know either way.  

  3. DareObasanjo says:

    Bing shopping has very poor quality merchants and very low coverage. With that moving to paid, the coverage will drop even further as merchants won't have enough budget for all products. Please tell me why I, as a merchant, should spend effort on this.

  4. DareObasanjo says:

    it's late in September… is Product Ads available? I can find it anywhere?

  5. DareObasanjo says:

    Product Ads is only available as a closed beta this year. More detail is posted at…/bing-introduces-product-search-and-new-ad-formats.aspx

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