Coming Soon to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter API

During the next week we will be announcing upgrades and improvements to the adCenter API. Below you'll find a quick sneak peek at what is coming so you are able to keep track of the announcements and leverage the new functionality as you plan your holiday campaigns.

Much of our focus this year has been around improving the adCenter experience through building features to help you unlock more volume through an engaged audience on Yahoo! Search and Bing marketplace. 

Here's what’s new...

• Negative keyword enhancements
We will soon support exact match Negative Keywords, deprecate keyword level negatives to help ease campaign management, and offer a negative keywords conflict report that shows negative keyword conflicts with bidded keywords.

• Share of Voice reporting
Understand your missed impressions, and more effectively prioritize your optimization efforts, with new data available including overall impression share and impression share lost to budge, rank and relevance.

• Historic & aggregate quality scores in reporting
Gain more visibility into your campaign performance and insight into opportunities for campaign optimization. You can now request Historic Quality Score on daily grain which will now be available in the Campaign, Ad Group & Keyword Performance reports.

Other additions...

• We upgraded budget calculation to calculate your monthly budget by multiplying your daily budget amount by the actual number of days in the month instead of the average number, to help reduce cases of campaign pause for months with 31 days
• We’ve updated the way our system examines special characters during the editorial review process to more efficiently identify errors versus special characters
• Our optimizer service provides operations that you can use to discover opportunities for improving campaign performance.

More information will be coming over the next week, so keep checking back for updates (you can also stay in touch via @adCenter or the API RSS feed).

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