Improve Campaign Performance with the New Optimizer Service for Microsoft Advertising adCenter API

In an effort to make it easier for you to identify and act upon opportunities to improve your campaign performance, we’re excited to announce the new Optimizer Service, now available via the adCenter API.  With this new feature, you can use operations to identify campaigns that have paused or will soon pause because of budget limitations. Additionally, you can also get easy-to-implement budget recommendations for your campaigns.

The Optimizer Service has two new calls:

•  GetBudgetOpportunities returns campaigns that have experienced pauses related to budget limitations, and provides a recommended budget, as well as the estimated increase in impressions and clicks.
•  ApplyBudgetOpportunities lets you accept the budget recommendations by GetBudgetOpportunities in bulk.

Get more information about the Optimizer Service on MSDN.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is great to hear . Although besides the fact that this product is inferior to google and some how costs more. the editorial review process is a money loosing night mare. Any word of that process bieng improved or at least sped up.

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