New Improvements to the adCenter API: Budget Options and AdIntelligence API Access

With the latest upgrades, you’ll find new and improved features to help boost your campaign performance by making it easier to manage your search and content advertising strategies.


Last month we rolled out the Quality Score upgrade to help you understand how competitive your ads are; you’ll find the Quality Score in your Keyword Performance Report.


This month, we’ve got a few more updates to share:


·         Simpler campaign budget options
You asked for simpler budget options, and now you have them. When using the
Daily Budget with Monthly Maximum option, adCenter will calculate the monthly maximum amount for your campaign when you set a Daily Budget.  adCenter multiplies your daily budget amount  by the average number of days in a month to calculate your monthly maximum amount. With this change, managing your campaign budgets is easier than ever.

This update impacts both V6 and V7 of adCenter API. Read more on our earlier blog post and also review the budget rules on the MSDN page.

Take action now

Evaluate your daily budget amounts now to make sure they reflect the total amount you target to spend in the month. By taking action now you will be prepared for later this summer when this update to the Daily Budget option will apply to all existing and new daily budget campaigns.


·         AdIntelligence API
API users can leverage the newly launched AdIntelligence API. AdIntelligence is an adCenter keyword research tool, and it’s now a core part of Campaign Management services. The tool gives you guidance for bid estimation, keyword research, and keyword extraction. Use the adIntelligence API to help make the right keyword choices for your advertising business.   

Check out the Microsoft adCenter Campaign Management API Release Notes for more details.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below or visit the API forum.


Tina Kelleher, Small/Medium Business Community Manager

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